Transforming Archival Practice: The Legacy of 7lamb Productions

7lamb Productions

In articulating and implementing his ideas of a new profession and a new kind of archives, Lamb blazed a trail that would transform international archival practice.

By the time he left office, Lamb had made the comprehensive vision of a “total archives” an operational reality at the Public Archives. He had also created regional records centres to replicate Ottawa’s success outside the capital.

End of All Hope

It’s a song that captures the despair and yearning for hope in a life filled with darkness. It’s an unforgettable piece of symphonic metal that continues to resonate with listeners.

While recording All Hope Is Gone, Slipknot was torn apart by in-fighting. That sense of disconnection and division bled into the record, creating a schizophrenic album that flits between abject hatred and bombastic bounce. From the twisted discordance of Gematria to the arena-swelling Dead Memories, All Hope Is Gone is an essential entry in Slipknot’s maggot-ridden legacy.

Its weakest point is Jack Austin’s tendency to respond to every piece of exposition with “Jesus.” The character feels like a caricature rather than a real person. His delivery is predictable, and the repeated use of the line eventually becomes grating.

The Chair of Swords

When The Chair of Swords appears it suggests that a woman is in the middle of a conflict that requires great deliberation. She may feel she is stuck in this situation for the long haul. Her adversaries are using psychological manipulation and conditioning to ensure her compliance.

When this card appears reversed it suggests that the problem is worsening rather than improving. Financial burdens are growing and relationships are feeling more claustrophobic and stifling. There may be a deterioration in mental health from worries and stress.

This card also suggests that a woman is in the middle if a legal battle, perhaps a custody case or even a divorce. She will have to take her advice and counsel seriously in order to win this fight.

The Locket

The Locket is a story about love, war and sadness. The story ends with a surprising twist. It teaches us that separation is hard but it can be healed with time.

Moss says he’ll use the new funding to hire more people and roll out new features, but will keep the app true to its core premise of helping users feel closer to their loved ones. He wants to avoid adding social media features that can distract from the app’s main purpose, like the need for Like counts or endless feeds.

He also doesn’t want to add filters or effects, as he feels those would dilute the power of the locket. Instead, he hopes to expand its functionality with “natural extensions,” such as the ability to share content from the locket to TikTok.

Atlas Avenue Beat

When it comes to fictional podcasts, 7lamb productions delivers high-end audio dramas. The company offers podcasts in a wide range of genres such as spoof film noir, creature horror, apocalyptic science fiction and superhero dramedy. Each of the podcasts features a unique storyline to help listeners become part of the world that it depicts.

Founder Robert Lamb found his passion for podcasting while walking across the country. The experience helped him pass the time and inspired him to create fictional podcasts. His first series was Atlas Avenue Beat, where he and Amber explore one holiday every day, from No Pants Day to National Fried Chicken Day. Magic links are short URLs that work on any device, including Apple Podcasts on iOS, Google Podcasts on Android, and your favorite web player. These links also let Megaphone, Chartable and Nielsen track how many times you play the episode and what other actions you take online.

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Immersive MLB중계: The Ultimate Baseball Experience

In the realm of sports, the passion for baseball runs deep, igniting excitement in the hearts of countless fans. Among the pinnacles of this sport is the Major League Baseball (MLB), a professional baseball organization that stands as a testament to skill, strategy, and the sheer thrill of the game. Fans are always on the lookout for the best ways to catch every pitch, hit, and home run, seeking the most reliable MLB중계 services to ensure they never miss a moment of the action.

When immersing oneself in the MLB, it becomes more than just a game; it’s a narrative unfolding before your very eyes. With each season, new legends are born, and historic moments are etched into the annals of time. The sound of the ball cracking against the bat, the roar of the crowd, and the ballet of players moving in perfect harmony—these are the elements that make MLB games a spectacle to behold. For fans who can’t make it to the stadiums, finding an impeccable MLB중계 is akin to having a front-row seat to history.

Picture yourself nestled comfortably at home or on the move, with access to the best MLB중계 experience—every game, every team, without exception. This isn’t just about streaming; it’s about an immersive experience that brings you closer to the diamond, where every slide into base and every strategic decision by the managers is displayed in crystal-clear quality, making you feel as if you’re part of the crowd.

But what sets an exceptional MLB중계 service apart? It’s the commitment to a user-friendly interface, ensuring that fans can navigate with ease to find their desired games. It’s the dedication to seamless streaming, minimizing buffering and disruptions. It’s the provision of expert analysis, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the game. And most crucially, it’s about creating a community amongst fans, a virtual stand where cheers and jeers can be shared across continents.

As MLB continues to evolve, integrating cutting-edge technology and analytics into every aspect of the game, fans require an MLB중계 service that stays ahead of the curve, delivering not just the live games but also insights into player performance, team rankings, and predictive analytics to discuss with peers.

In conclusion, the quest for the ultimate MLB중계 experience is not just about watching a game; it’s about stepping into the heart of baseball, where every emotion is shared, every triumph savored, and every defeat dissected. It’s about being there for every incredible play, whether through the sun-kissed fields of summer or the crisp evenings of October baseball.


1. What is MLB중계?
MLB중계 refers to the broadcast or streaming of Major League Baseball games, often providing live coverage for fans worldwide.

2. Why is a quality MLB중계 service important for baseball fans?
A quality MLB중계 service ensures fans have access to reliable, high-quality broadcasts of games, along with additional content such as analytics and expert commentary to enhance viewing experience.

3. Can fans watch MLB중계 on mobile devices?
Yes, many MLB중계 services offer mobile streaming options, allowing fans to watch games on smartphones and tablets.

4. Are there any options for fans to interact during an MLB중계?
Some MLB중계 platforms may offer social features like chat rooms or forums, enabling fans to discuss games and share their excitement in real-time.

5. Can international fans access MLB중계 services?
MLB중계 services are often available internationally, but it’s important to check if there are any geographical restrictions or additional requirements for access in specific countries.

Finding a Trustworthy 메이저사이트: A Guide to Identifying Reputable Online Platforms

The internet is overflowing with platforms offering various services, and amidst this digital ocean, distinguishing a reputable 메이저사이트, which in Korean means “major site” or “prime site,” has become increasingly vital. Major sites are typically exemplary providers of online content or services, often characterized by their reliability, security, and excellent user experience. In the context of online gaming and casinos, identifying a 메이저사이트 is paramount to ensure a secure and enjoyable gaming environment.

A 메이저사이트 stands as a beacon of trust. These websites have cultivated a reputation for providing top-tier services. In a sea of online casinos, a 메이저사이트 is distinguished by several hallmarks. First, it guarantees the safety of user information through rigorous data protection measures. Second, it ensures fairness in games with certified random number generators. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is a top priority, with responsive customer support and seamless user experiences.

To identify a 메이저사이트, one must look for several indicators. Start by examining the site’s licensing and regulatory compliance. Reputable sites are typically licensed by recognized authorities, ensuring they adhere to strict operational standards. Next, check for secure connections, evidenced by HTTPS and SSL certificates, which encrypt data and protect transactions. Positive user reviews and a track record of prompt payouts are also telling signs of a prime site’s reliability.

In the world of online gambling, finding a trusted 메이저사이트 can significantly enhance the gaming experience. It provides peace of mind, knowing that the casino operates within legal boundaries and values customer security. Players can deposit funds, engage in games, and withdraw winnings confidently, all while expecting fair play and prompt customer service.

In conclusion, a 메이저사이트 is not merely about the size or the number of games offered; it’s about a commitment to excellence, security, and user satisfaction. These sites set the gold standard in online gaming, creating secure environments where players can indulge in the thrill of the game without the worry of compromising their safety or fairness.


1. What is a 메이저사이트?
A 메이저사이트, or major site, is a highly reputable online platform known for its reliability, safety, and superior user experience, especially prevalent in online gaming and casino contexts.

2. How can I identify a 메이저사이트?
You can identify a 메이저사이트 by verifying the site’s licensing, data encryption standards (HTTPS/SSL), positive user testimonials, and a history of fair and timely financial transactions.

3. Why is choosing a 메이저사이트 important in online gaming?
Choosing a 메이저사이트 ensures you play on a secure, fair, and legally-compliant platform, which prioritizes the protection of your personal and financial data.

4. What security measures do 메이저사이트 typically implement?
메이저사이트 usually implement advanced security protocols such as SSL encryption, secure servers, and comply with privacy regulations to safeguard user information.

5. Can I trust reviews when searching for a 메이저사이트?
While reviews can be helpful, it’s important to consult a variety of sources, including regulatory bodies and trusted community forums, to confirm the credibility of 메이저사이트 reviews.

Revolutionizing the Way Fans Watch NBA Games: Explore the World of Live NBA Broadcasting

Basketball enthusiasts from coast to coast and all around the globe share a common passion—immersing themselves in the adrenaline-fueled action of NBA games. How often have you found yourself searching for the perfect platform to catch every dunk, every steal, and every buzzer-beater, no matter where you are? Enter the dynamic realm of live NBA broadcasting, where accessibility meets the fast-paced spectacle of one of the world’s most exciting sports.

Imagine sitting comfortably at your home, office, or even on a train, with the power to tap into the court side action at any given moment. Accessibility is the name of the game here. Thanks to the advancements in streaming technology, NBA중계 services have revolutionized how fans engage with their favorite sport. No longer are viewers bound by cable subscriptions and local sports network availability. With the rise of digital streaming, anyone with an internet connection can join the ranks of fervent fans who never miss a game.

The beauty of NBA중계 lies in its simplicity and convenience. Picture this: your favorite team is playing in just a few minutes, but you’re stuck somewhere without a TV in sight. Panic? Not an option. With live NBA streaming, you whip out a smartphone, a tablet, or fire up a laptop, and just like that, you’re transported courtside. This seamless integration of sports and technology caters to the on-demand preferences of a modern audience, ensuring you catch every crucial play live—be it James Harden’s mesmerizing stepback three or Giannis Antetokounmpo’s powerful slam dunks.

But the experience isn’t just about watching a live game; it’s about being part of a communal experience, feeling the electric atmosphere of the arena even if you’re thousands of miles away. It’s about the heated debates in forums and chat rooms, the shared high-fives in virtual spaces, and the collective groans when a referee’s call doesn’t go your team’s way. NBA중계 services foster a sense of community among fans, a place where loyalty, enthusiasm, and sometimes disappointment are shared openly.

While the convenience factor is vital, quality and stability are equally important. A lagging or poor-quality stream can spoil the experience. Hence, selecting a reliable streaming service becomes crucial. The right platform offers high-definition visuals, without a glitch, and with commentary to help you follow the action as if you were there, feeling the pulse of the game.

However, in this world of abundant choices, finding that ideal streaming partner can be as tricky as dribbling past an NBA defender. Fret not—there are solid options designed to meet your basketball-viewing needs. For instance, users can typically look for the link in local language options—such as NBA중계, which provide a user-friendly interface and streaming in impeccable quality for a native Korean audience.

As we near the conclusion of this thrilling exploration of live NBA broadcasts, it’s vital to recognize the game-changing role they play in sport consumption. They don’t just connect us to the game; they bring us closer to each other, building bridges between diverse fanbases across the globe.


1. What is NBA중계?
NBA중계 refers to the broadcasting of NBA games, typically implying live streaming services that cater specifically to fans looking to watch NBA games online.

2. How can I access NBA중계 services?
You can access NBA중계 services through various online streaming platforms and services that offer live sports broadcasting. Some services might require a subscription, while others might be available for free.

3. Is it possible to watch NBA중계 on mobile devices?
Yes, most NBA중계 services are compatible with mobile devices, allowing fans to watch games on their smartphones and tablets through dedicated apps or mobile-optimized websites.

4. Are there options for commentary in other languages besides English?
Many NBA중계 services offer commentary in multiple languages, catering to an international audience. You’ll need to check with the specific service to see which language options are provided.

5. How can I ensure the streaming quality is good for NBA중계 services?
To ensure good streaming quality, use a reliable service known for its video quality, maintain a stable and fast internet connection, and if possible, connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid data interruptions.

Improv theater company in Seattle offers Theatresports, long-form shows, and improv workshops with experienced instructors.

Unexpected Productions

Unexpected Productions is Seattle’s oldest improv theater company. Their historic home is the Market Theater at Pike Place Market. They perform Theatresports and original long form shows, and host an improv school.

The instructor, Dre Anderson, has over a decade of experience collaborating with Seattle artists. He is excited to share his love for freestyle and technique.


Invented by Keith Johnstone, the Theatresports format encourages performers to take risks in a good-natured environment. It also values amiability and benevolence among teammates. The participants found the program beneficial and valuable, as it helped them develop various capabilities and qualities that they could use to deal with challenges in their daily life.

Whether you’re an experienced improv performer or a newbie, this fast-paced show will challenge your wits and performance skills. Each scene is based on audience suggestions and the teams are scored by a panel of judges. The team with the most points wins a prize.

Located in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in Post Alley, Unexpected Productions produces year-round shows and teaches improvisational theater classes. The company has 54 improvisers, including Community star Joel McHale. They are also responsible for the famous gum wall at the theater, which was originally placed to keep patrons from chewing during a show. They’ve also hosted the International Festival of Improvisation.

Long-form improv

In long form improv, a group of performers gets a single suggestion and creates scenes that tell a story. They use tags and edits to weave together a multitude of scenes, creating characters and themes that are not always immediately apparent. They also use different styles, such as hysterical comedy and poignant drama.

A long-form show may elicit many emotions from the audience, including sadness and rage. But it is more likely to make them laugh than in a short-form show. Unlike short-form, a long-form show has the time and space to play with all of these emotions, and can explore human experience.

Joe Guppy, an acclaimed improvisational performer and teacher, brings his extensive knowledge of improvisation to this enlightening workshop. His approach integrates the latest findings in brain science to demonstrate how improv can help people form new neural pathways that promote mental wellness. The workshop will also cover the fundamentals of improv and how to incorporate it into everyday life.

Theatrical improv

Theatrical improv is an improvisational theatre form that can be used for both dramatic and comedic stories. It is a great way to get in touch with your emotions and create a story from your own experiences. It also helps improve overall communication skills and cognitive abilities. It can also be an excellent tool for leadership training and group development.

In Seattle, there are several improv companies, including Unexpected Productions. This theater company has performed in Europe and the United States and is dedicated to promoting the art of improvisation. It has taught workshops and performed in San Francisco, L.A, Orlando, and Vancouver.

Some improv performers and troupes use props and visual aids to enhance their performances. However, these additions can limit the spontaneity of a scene and may distract audiences from the content. They can also become a distraction for the actors. Many improv teachers believe that the best scenes are ones that occur with no outside interference.


Workshops are a type of educational event that offer intensive learning experiences for a short period of time. They can be held in a variety of settings, and are typically small and self-contained, unlike lectures or courses. The purpose of a workshop is to introduce participants to a topic that will spur them to explore it on their own. A successful workshop will also encourage creativity, teamwork, and collaboration.

The success of a workshop depends on the knowledge and skills of its participants, as well as the presenters. The key is to understand what your audience knows, and how much they are willing to learn. Recruiting expert speakers and assistants is an excellent way to improve the effectiveness of your workshop.

Ensure that your computer-based materials are organized ahead of time. If participants are expected to complete a quiz or participate in an online discussion forum, you will need to inform them beforehand. You should also make sure that the venue’s AV equipment is compatible with your presentation.

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Zenway Productions Acquires DeadlyKittens to Expand into Bigger Esports Titles

Zenway Productions Acquires DeadlyKittens

The esports event production company Zenway Productions has acquired their first esports team, DeadlyKittens. They’re hoping that this acquisition will help them push into one of the bigger titles.

To improve their communication infrastructure, Zenway Productions chose Clear-Com FreeSpeak II wireless intercom systems. Their scalable nature allows them to deploy two smaller systems for independent usage or supplement with additional FreeSpeak II systems.

Clear-Com FreeSpeak II

The Clear-Com FreeSpeak II digital wireless base station is designed to be the heart of a full-featured intercom system. All wired and wireless communications flow through the base station where voice communication is sampled, mixed, and rerouted as needed.

In a single frequency band configuration, the base station can support up to 25 FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz or 2.4GHz active transceiver beltpacks and antennas. Up to ten more wireless antennas can be added via the included FSII-SPL splitter. The base station offers four 2-wire analog party line connections, four 4-wire audio connections and four displays with soft keys including a dedicated stage announce (SA) output and program audio input.

The FreeSpeak II digital wireless beltpacks offer a professional-grade design and rugged construction, designed for the rigorous demands of continuous use in large-scale operations and extended-use environments. Each beltpack provides full-duplex communication with seven kHz of commentator bandwidth that allows users to hear every word from each other, even in noisy environments.

Clear-Com XT Wireless Intercom System

Clear-Com XT wireless intercom systems are a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance communication and security. These intercoms allow you to communicate with visitors from a call station at the entrance of your building, and are available in various features such as device compatibility, audio and video calling, scheduled calls, multi-person routing, live snapshots at the door, reverse callback, customizable directory, integration with door lock mechanisms, receiver options, vandal protection and weather resistance, and mobile app access.

Que-Com systems have low self-noise, meaning that voice transmission is crisp and intelligible – even at high volume levels. This is essential in venues such as theatres, stadiums and TV studios, where sound system engineers need to coordinate the production staff while ensuring that all participants can hear each other clearly.

Clear-Com XT Multichannel Wireless Intercom System

A wireless intercom system that claims to be able to talk to people at a mile away with crisp sound quality. They work more like cordless telephones than traditional intercoms and use encrypted technology to prevent your neighbors from listening in.

They are easy to install and come with a power supply included. They also feature multiple channels with 38 privacy codes, call tones, a built-in microphone, and a monitor button.

The ClearCom LQ-2W2 is a portable two-channel interface device for 2-wire analog partyline systems. It provides a connection between different brands of 2-wire analog partyline systems over secure LAN, WAN and IP networks. It is brand and platform agnostic, making it the ideal solution for linking different intercom systems. The LQ-2W2 also includes a headset connection and independent Program Audio level control.

Clear-Com XT 1.9GHz Wireless Intercom System

Full-duplex wireless intercom system that can talk to 8 users at the same time for instantaneous communication. It provides superior audio clarity over a line of sight range up to 1312′. It is also extremely durable and can be used in all weather conditions.

The FSII-TCVR-19 is an RF antenna splitter for connecting multiple FSII beltpacks to a FreeSpeak II base station or Eclipse HX matrix on shorter connections (less than 1000 ft). The FSII-TCVR-19 provides a power option for each transceiver and a status LED that indicates individual battery condition (red: charging, green: fully charged).

The WiTalk-WT5S is designed with sound quality as its highest priority. It delivers high-resolution audio with a 65 dB signal-to-noise ratio and frequency response tailored to the human voice.

Clear-Com XT 2.4GHz Wireless Intercom System

The Clear-Com XT Wireless Intercom System delivers industry-leading full-duplex communications for untethered, mobile, and reliable communication. It is the ideal solution for high-profile events, broadcast studios, and any application that requires mobile, full-duplex communication with an unmatched range of features, all at a price that fits your budget.

The FSII-TCVR-50-IP is an antenna splitter used to connect FSII transceiver antennas to an Eclipse HX matrix (via E-IPA-HX card) or FreeSpeak II base station for duplex communications over longer distances. It is powered by the FSII base station or matrix on shorter connections and by the FSII beltpack on longer connections.

The Encore Analog Partyline Intercom System main station provides programmable front panel buttons, individual channel short circuit protection and independent program audio level control for 2 wire analog 2-wire partyline intercom systems. It operates in 1.9 or 2.4 GHz and can be deployed as a standalone wireless intercom system, matrix intercom integration, or over secure CAT5 or fiber.

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Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions gains prominence with alternative telecasts and partnerships in the media industry.

Omaha Productions – Who Owns Omaha Productions?

Peyton Manning wears many hats — multimillionaire, two-time NFL champion, Hall of Famer, brand ambassador and half of the popular ManningCast with brother Eli. But the 46-year-old could be preparing for his ultimate role: NFL team owner.

His Omaha Productions company gained prominence last year when it produced an alternative telecast of ESPN’s Monday Night Football. The firm has since expanded to produce alternative telecasts for college football, golf and UFC.

The North Road Company

Founded in 2020, Omaha has established itself as a leader in non-fiction with projects like its NFL-licensed “ManningCast” alternative game telecasts and Rob Gronkowski’s “GronkCasts.” The company also produces interview and travelogue series for ESPN. Its branded content arm has worked with clients such as Caesars Sportsbook.

North Road Company aims to build a global, multi-genre studio with scripted film and TV productions in the US and international markets. Its portfolio includes Chernin Entertainment’s scripted film and TV business, led by Jenno Topping; the US assets of Red Arrow Studios, including Love Is Blind producer Kinetic Content and Connor Schell’s Words + Pictures; and an international division helmed by Jan Frouman and President of International TV Kristin Jones.

The new company has a slate of more than 80 projects in development, with a concentration in two growth areas: international programming and unscripted content. It is backed by Providence Equity Partners L.L.C and Apollo, through its managed affiliates.

Words + Pictures

Words + Pictures is a content studio focused on premium, culturally relevant nonfiction storytelling. Its mission is to create stories that bring the audience closer to the subjects they love and to explore the infinite possibilities of narrative nonfiction in a new age of content. It is part of the North Road Company, which launched last year with funding from Providence Equity and Apollo Global Management.

Words+Pictures already has a number of shows under its belt, including the ESPN series Peyton’s Places and The Manningcast. The company also produces a number of podcasts and a few projects for Amazon Prime Video. It recently teamed with Amazon Prime on a documentary and scripted film about the trainer of Kentucky Derby long shot Rich Strike.

Its ManningCast features an Augmented Reality Table that allows the NFL Hall of Famer to analyze plays in a way that combines digital AR renderings of players with his own commentary. The team is also working on a docuseries for Netflix about the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team and a project for HBO about motorsports driver Dan Wheldon.

Peyton Manning

When Peyton Manning retired from the NFL in 2016, he could have chosen to become a coach, or he could have turned his nearly $250 million in career earnings into a media empire. Instead, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback decided to pursue his passion for creating content and launched Omaha Productions.

The company produces several shows for ESPN, including the Emmy-award winning “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli,” as well as alternative telecasts for college football, golf, UFC, and Formula 1. It also creates Netflix shows like Quarterback and King of Collectibles, as well as commercials for clients such as Caesars Entertainment.

The company also recently announced a deal to launch a podcast network, the Omaha Audio Network, with talent including Kenny Mayne and Rachel DeMita. In addition, it has a partnership with Verizon to use 5G technology to create new sports betting experiences.

Peter Chernin

Peter Chernin owns and operates The Chernin Group, an investment firm that focuses on investing in US technology and media companies. His portfolio includes Barstool Sports, FOOD52 and Crunchyroll. He also serves on the Boards of American Express, Twitter and Pandora. He is a co-founder of the global AIDS fund, Friends of the AIDS and TB Partnership and a trustee for Malaria No More UK.

Omaha Productions has already made a splash with its ManningCast alternative telecast of Monday Night Football and has applied the same model to college football, golf, UFC, and the NBA. In addition, it has produced ESPN+’s Places franchise with stars such as Mina Kimes, Cam Heyward, Sue Bird, and Abby Wambach.

The company has raised a significant amount of money. It received a $10 million investment from The North Road Company in May at a $400 million valuation. This investment is expected to propel the company to even greater heights in the future.

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Exploring Production Roleplay in GTA Online

Production RP in GTA Online

Production rp is an area of the server that many people like to roleplay in. This can include things such as filming a movie or being involved in the editing of one.

The reserves-to-production ratio is an estimate of how long a natural resource will last given current consumption rates. It is an important metric for investors and businesses that rely on the resource.

Getting Started

Production rp is becoming more and more popular on our server, as people want to create more than just a simple RP scene in game. There are a lot of things you need to consider when getting into this type of roleplay, especially if you’re new to the concept of filming your own footage within GTA:W.

You’ll need a camera, of course. This can vary from something as small as a mirrorless camera up to large-scale production cameras like those seen on traditional film sets. Lenses are often sold separately, and you’ll also need to get yourself some lighting equipment.

You’ll need to have a director of the film who is in charge of keeping everything organised and who will be working closely with actors on filming days. They’ll write shot lists, hold auditions and work with the Director of Photography to bring their vision of the film to life. They’ll also be responsible for any admin duties that need to be taken care of.

Filming within the Server

Post-production servers offer a solution to endless file copying and hard drive juggling by allowing access for all users to share projects and media files on the server. This eliminates the need for the user to have multiple computers and makes it easy for the video team to increase productivity through heightened collaboration. This also allows the video team to film and edit on a single machine without having to constantly switch between different programs.


Lighting is a big part of filming and can be a fun avenue to explore in production rp. This includes learning about various types of lighting equipment, consoles and methods of operation. It can also cover areas such as scale plan analysis, electrics, rigging, and focusing.

It can be a good way to roleplay a production company, perhaps being the CEO who cares more about getting the films out than the work rights of its actors. This can lead to some interesting RP and is something that is a common area for heavy rp within Vinewood.

RP System products such as oxygen absorbers and high gas barrier bags are used to protect industrial goods, delicate cultural materials, and electronic components. They prevent the deterioration of these materials during overseas transportation and very long term storage. The product is especially effective in conjunction with nitrogen cabinets. The company also produces emergency and safety luminaires as well as power supply systems and batteries according to its own specifications.


Production RP involves a lot of time behind the scenes and not just in front or behind of a camera. There is paperwork to fill out, schedules to keep track of and contracts to sign before you can even film, as well as arranging equipment, getting locations rented or booked and making sure actors are accounted for.

The editor will watch all the footage and make a log of any thoughts or reactions in a notebook. They will then begin to edit each scene until they are happy with it and then put them all together into an assembly edit, which gradually builds in complexity as they go along.

At some point the final cut will be created and music/soundtrack added if needed. This is where the movie truly comes to life and it’s when you can really show off the work you’ve done. The final product should be a high quality, realistically edited film.

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Anime Studios that Break the Mold

Top 5 A-1 Productions Anime

Unlike studios like Kyoto Animation or Ufotable, which have a consistent aesthetic and regular stable of directors, A-1 has more often found itself producing shows that push the boundaries of what’s considered normal anime. These include the aforementioned Sound of the Sky and Occult Academy, along with the short-lived Anime no Chikara partnership that produced three anime-original series.

Sword Art Online

The blurred line between virtual and reality is the central theme of this high-brow anime series. It’s a heady, thought-provoking show with some dark themes for teens who can handle it.

Kirito, a loner in real life, turns to multiplayer virtual reality in order to reinvent himself. He finds himself in a bleak world that’s as deadly as it is fascinating, and must battle against his demons both inside and outside the game.

The popular video game based on the SAO series features an immersive experience, allowing players to control a character modeled after their own. It’s available for PlayStation. The MMORPG also has several spin-offs, including the Gun Gale Online alternative and the Progressive storyline. There’s even a free-to-play mobile version. An anime film adaptation of the 1st Floor arc titled Sword Art Online: Progressive Aria of the Starless Night and a sequel titled Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night were released in 2021.

Fairy Tail

A zany shonen, Fairy Tail lays the foundation for a solid story that continues to get stronger season after season. Interwieving slapstick comedy with visually intoxicating scenes of action and peril and a celtic-tinted score, the show never fails to keep momentum going.

Lucy Heartfilia runs away from her snobby home to follow her dream of becoming a wizard. She joins Fairy Tail’s guild of misfits, a group of magic users who specialize in summoning celestial spirits of the zodiac signs.

Co-produced with Trigger and Cloverworks, this mecha anime is unique in that it feels like a lost Gainax production. It’s a drama about teenagers discovering themselves and rebelling against oppressive authorities, invoking the spirit of Gurren Lagann.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

When it comes to love, it’s not all warm fuzzies and unabashed bliss. Sometimes, it’s a battle of carefully calculated choices and strength of will. That’s exactly what Kaguya-sama: Love Is War delivers.

The show follows Student Council President Miyuki Shirogane and Vice-President Kaguya Shinomiya who seem like the perfect couple. They’re both leaders in their academy and well-regarded by their peers. They also share a secret: they’re in love with each other. But in their world, whoever confesses first loses. So, daily they wage a war of tricks and mind games in an attempt to make the other admit their feelings.

While the show has a lot of gag comedy that will keep you laughing, it also delves into the characters’ backstories and gives each one their own unique flavor. It’s an entertaining and engrossing look at the insecurities of high school romance that will resonate with anyone who’s ever been in love. It’s a must-see for any anime fan.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Released in the fall of 2014, The Seven Deadly Sins follows the feared warriors of Britannia, the Holy Knights, who were framed for trying to overthrow the kingdom’s ruler. When the king’s daughter Elizabeth discovers the truth, she seeks out The Seven Deadly Sins to help her reclaim the throne.

While some studios have a specific stable of directors that create a visual cohesion, A-1 Pictures operates like a blank slate with each new show they produce. This allows for distinct visions and one-of-a-kind creators to make their mark on a series.

While it may not be the most exciting or memorable work, Working!! is certainly a bold and hilarious series that gives viewers a look at the surreal chaos of a family restaurant’s staff. The series is also visually stunning and has a beautiful soundtrack. Its beautiful piano themes are sure to touch any anime fan’s heart.

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eOne: A Global Entertainment Company with Talent-driven Productions

eOne Productions

eOne is a talent-driven independent studio, specializing in development, acquisition, production, financing, and distribution of entertainment content. It has strong first-look and output partnerships with leading creative talent and world class companies, including film and television production company Makeready; content creation venture Amblin Partners with Steven Spielberg; and renowned music labels Dualtone Music Group and Last Gang.

eOne is a global entertainment company

eOne is a global entertainment company that specializes in development, acquisition, production, financing, and distribution. The company operates a robust network of film and television production companies, including international feature film distributor Sierra/Affinity; family and kids production studios Makeready and Renegade 83; UK non-scripted TV production companies Whizz Kid Entertainment and WW Entertainment; world-class music labels Dualtone Music Group and Last Gang; and live entertainment leaders Round Room Entertainment.

eOne is the current distributor of Hasbro media content, including the popular children’s television shows Peppa Pig and PJ Masks. In addition, the company has a strong first-look and output partnership with Xavier Dolan’s Juste la fin du monde and Tucker Tooley’s Red Om Films. eOne also has a number of prominent unscripted and competition series, such as WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop and MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

eOne is a studio

eOne is a Toronto-based entertainment company that specializes in film and television production, sales and distribution. Its film production division includes the Canadian-based TV studios Barna-Alper Productions and Blueprint Entertainment, and international distributor Oasis International. In addition, it has a music division that distributes Canadian-based eOne Music Canada.

The company was founded in 1973 as Records on Wheels Ltd, and originally specialized in retail sales of recorded music. In the early 2000s, eOne began to expand into film and video production. In 2005, it bought a film distribution company, Koch Entertainment, and later acquired Canadian distributor Seville Pictures and British-based Contender Entertainment Group.

eOne’s Licensing division, which manages a broad spectrum of branded opportunities from product development to launch, is based in London and Los Angeles, with additional offices in New York and Hong Kong. Its portfolio of brands spans multiple categories, including lifestyle, sports, and kids. The studio’s most prominent franchise is Peppa Pig, which generated over $1 billion in merchandise revenue last year.

eOne is a distributor

eOne is a Canadian multinational film, television and music production and distribution company. It is currently the distributor of Hasbro media content since 2020 and is known for producing such kids shows as Peppa Pig, Ricky Zoom and PJ Masks. The company also owns the international film and home entertainment division of Alliance Films, which was absorbed when eOne acquired the remaining assets of Goldman Sachs-owned Alliance Atlantis in 2013.

eOne has a strong first-look and output partnerships with some of the world’s top producers and prioritizes access to the best creative talent. It has a global reach, expansive scale and deep local market knowledge. The company aims to share bold stories with audiences around the world. Its portfolio includes theatrical and television titles, as well as digital content. Its studio arm produces and distributes films that are based on Hasbro’s branded and franchise IP. Its upcoming slate includes the war drama Passchendaele and the Nathan Fillion show Yellowjackets.

eOne is a producer

eOne has produced movies that have done well in the market. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark both performed well in eOne territories. Moreover, the company has acquired several new film franchises that have potential for success in the future.

Currently, the company has 30 projects in development and production. The company plans to launch its own studio in 2020 and will invest a significant amount of capital into this venture.

The company has established strong first-look and output partnerships with premier producers and priority access to the world’s best creative talent. Its global reach and expansive scale, powered by local market knowledge, enables it to create and share world class content. The company’s expertise spans across film, television and music production and sales; family programming, merchandising and licensing; and digital content. The company also has a number of strategic investments in media companies and creative talent.

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