eOne: A Global Entertainment Company with Talent-driven Productions

eOne Productions

eOne is a talent-driven independent studio, specializing in development, acquisition, production, financing, and distribution of entertainment content. It has strong first-look and output partnerships with leading creative talent and world class companies, including film and television production company Makeready; content creation venture Amblin Partners with Steven Spielberg; and renowned music labels Dualtone Music Group and Last Gang.

eOne is a global entertainment company

eOne is a global entertainment company that specializes in development, acquisition, production, financing, and distribution. The company operates a robust network of film and television production companies, including international feature film distributor Sierra/Affinity; family and kids production studios Makeready and Renegade 83; UK non-scripted TV production companies Whizz Kid Entertainment and WW Entertainment; world-class music labels Dualtone Music Group and Last Gang; and live entertainment leaders Round Room Entertainment.

eOne is the current distributor of Hasbro media content, including the popular children’s television shows Peppa Pig and PJ Masks. In addition, the company has a strong first-look and output partnership with Xavier Dolan’s Juste la fin du monde and Tucker Tooley’s Red Om Films. eOne also has a number of prominent unscripted and competition series, such as WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop and MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

eOne is a studio

eOne is a Toronto-based entertainment company that specializes in film and television production, sales and distribution. Its film production division includes the Canadian-based TV studios Barna-Alper Productions and Blueprint Entertainment, and international distributor Oasis International. In addition, it has a music division that distributes Canadian-based eOne Music Canada.

The company was founded in 1973 as Records on Wheels Ltd, and originally specialized in retail sales of recorded music. In the early 2000s, eOne began to expand into film and video production. In 2005, it bought a film distribution company, Koch Entertainment, and later acquired Canadian distributor Seville Pictures and British-based Contender Entertainment Group.

eOne’s Licensing division, which manages a broad spectrum of branded opportunities from product development to launch, is based in London and Los Angeles, with additional offices in New York and Hong Kong. Its portfolio of brands spans multiple categories, including lifestyle, sports, and kids. The studio’s most prominent franchise is Peppa Pig, which generated over $1 billion in merchandise revenue last year.

eOne is a distributor

eOne is a Canadian multinational film, television and music production and distribution company. It is currently the distributor of Hasbro media content since 2020 and is known for producing such kids shows as Peppa Pig, Ricky Zoom and PJ Masks. The company also owns the international film and home entertainment division of Alliance Films, which was absorbed when eOne acquired the remaining assets of Goldman Sachs-owned Alliance Atlantis in 2013.

eOne has a strong first-look and output partnerships with some of the world’s top producers and prioritizes access to the best creative talent. It has a global reach, expansive scale and deep local market knowledge. The company aims to share bold stories with audiences around the world. Its portfolio includes theatrical and television titles, as well as digital content. Its studio arm produces and distributes films that are based on Hasbro’s branded and franchise IP. Its upcoming slate includes the war drama Passchendaele and the Nathan Fillion show Yellowjackets.

eOne is a producer

eOne has produced movies that have done well in the market. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark both performed well in eOne territories. Moreover, the company has acquired several new film franchises that have potential for success in the future.

Currently, the company has 30 projects in development and production. The company plans to launch its own studio in 2020 and will invest a significant amount of capital into this venture.

The company has established strong first-look and output partnerships with premier producers and priority access to the world’s best creative talent. Its global reach and expansive scale, powered by local market knowledge, enables it to create and share world class content. The company’s expertise spans across film, television and music production and sales; family programming, merchandising and licensing; and digital content. The company also has a number of strategic investments in media companies and creative talent.

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