Transforming Archival Practice: The Legacy of 7lamb Productions

7lamb Productions

In articulating and implementing his ideas of a new profession and a new kind of archives, Lamb blazed a trail that would transform international archival practice.

By the time he left office, Lamb had made the comprehensive vision of a “total archives” an operational reality at the Public Archives. He had also created regional records centres to replicate Ottawa’s success outside the capital.

End of All Hope

It’s a song that captures the despair and yearning for hope in a life filled with darkness. It’s an unforgettable piece of symphonic metal that continues to resonate with listeners.

While recording All Hope Is Gone, Slipknot was torn apart by in-fighting. That sense of disconnection and division bled into the record, creating a schizophrenic album that flits between abject hatred and bombastic bounce. From the twisted discordance of Gematria to the arena-swelling Dead Memories, All Hope Is Gone is an essential entry in Slipknot’s maggot-ridden legacy.

Its weakest point is Jack Austin’s tendency to respond to every piece of exposition with “Jesus.” The character feels like a caricature rather than a real person. His delivery is predictable, and the repeated use of the line eventually becomes grating.

The Chair of Swords

When The Chair of Swords appears it suggests that a woman is in the middle of a conflict that requires great deliberation. She may feel she is stuck in this situation for the long haul. Her adversaries are using psychological manipulation and conditioning to ensure her compliance.

When this card appears reversed it suggests that the problem is worsening rather than improving. Financial burdens are growing and relationships are feeling more claustrophobic and stifling. There may be a deterioration in mental health from worries and stress.

This card also suggests that a woman is in the middle if a legal battle, perhaps a custody case or even a divorce. She will have to take her advice and counsel seriously in order to win this fight.

The Locket

The Locket is a story about love, war and sadness. The story ends with a surprising twist. It teaches us that separation is hard but it can be healed with time.

Moss says he’ll use the new funding to hire more people and roll out new features, but will keep the app true to its core premise of helping users feel closer to their loved ones. He wants to avoid adding social media features that can distract from the app’s main purpose, like the need for Like counts or endless feeds.

He also doesn’t want to add filters or effects, as he feels those would dilute the power of the locket. Instead, he hopes to expand its functionality with “natural extensions,” such as the ability to share content from the locket to TikTok.

Atlas Avenue Beat

When it comes to fictional podcasts, 7lamb productions delivers high-end audio dramas. The company offers podcasts in a wide range of genres such as spoof film noir, creature horror, apocalyptic science fiction and superhero dramedy. Each of the podcasts features a unique storyline to help listeners become part of the world that it depicts.

Founder Robert Lamb found his passion for podcasting while walking across the country. The experience helped him pass the time and inspired him to create fictional podcasts. His first series was Atlas Avenue Beat, where he and Amber explore one holiday every day, from No Pants Day to National Fried Chicken Day. Magic links are short URLs that work on any device, including Apple Podcasts on iOS, Google Podcasts on Android, and your favorite web player. These links also let Megaphone, Chartable and Nielsen track how many times you play the episode and what other actions you take online.

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