Exploring Production Roleplay in GTA Online

Production RP in GTA Online

Production rp is an area of the server that many people like to roleplay in. This can include things such as filming a movie or being involved in the editing of one.

The reserves-to-production ratio is an estimate of how long a natural resource will last given current consumption rates. It is an important metric for investors and businesses that rely on the resource.

Getting Started

Production rp is becoming more and more popular on our server, as people want to create more than just a simple RP scene in game. There are a lot of things you need to consider when getting into this type of roleplay, especially if you’re new to the concept of filming your own footage within GTA:W.

You’ll need a camera, of course. This can vary from something as small as a mirrorless camera up to large-scale production cameras like those seen on traditional film sets. Lenses are often sold separately, and you’ll also need to get yourself some lighting equipment.

You’ll need to have a director of the film who is in charge of keeping everything organised and who will be working closely with actors on filming days. They’ll write shot lists, hold auditions and work with the Director of Photography to bring their vision of the film to life. They’ll also be responsible for any admin duties that need to be taken care of.

Filming within the Server

Post-production servers offer a solution to endless file copying and hard drive juggling by allowing access for all users to share projects and media files on the server. This eliminates the need for the user to have multiple computers and makes it easy for the video team to increase productivity through heightened collaboration. This also allows the video team to film and edit on a single machine without having to constantly switch between different programs.


Lighting is a big part of filming and can be a fun avenue to explore in production rp. This includes learning about various types of lighting equipment, consoles and methods of operation. It can also cover areas such as scale plan analysis, electrics, rigging, and focusing.

It can be a good way to roleplay a production company, perhaps being the CEO who cares more about getting the films out than the work rights of its actors. This can lead to some interesting RP and is something that is a common area for heavy rp within Vinewood.

RP System products such as oxygen absorbers and high gas barrier bags are used to protect industrial goods, delicate cultural materials, and electronic components. They prevent the deterioration of these materials during overseas transportation and very long term storage. The product is especially effective in conjunction with nitrogen cabinets. The company also produces emergency and safety luminaires as well as power supply systems and batteries according to its own specifications.


Production RP involves a lot of time behind the scenes and not just in front or behind of a camera. There is paperwork to fill out, schedules to keep track of and contracts to sign before you can even film, as well as arranging equipment, getting locations rented or booked and making sure actors are accounted for.

The editor will watch all the footage and make a log of any thoughts or reactions in a notebook. They will then begin to edit each scene until they are happy with it and then put them all together into an assembly edit, which gradually builds in complexity as they go along.

At some point the final cut will be created and music/soundtrack added if needed. This is where the movie truly comes to life and it’s when you can really show off the work you’ve done. The final product should be a high quality, realistically edited film.

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